Hap-Ki-Do: The Way of Coordinated Power

HapKiDo is a purely self-defense martial art that employs a wide variety of techniques that enables the practitioner to defend themselves and others.

The MUSA style of HapKiDo emphasizes practical techniques using low kicks, open hand striking, joint locks, choking and throwing. There are no forms and no sparing competitions.

HapKiDo relies more on technique than physical prowess, and therefor lends itself to self defense for smaller body types and the less flexible as compared to other martial arts. Physical conditioning is still an important aspect of HapKiDo, as it is for any martial art.

HapKiDo is suited for ages above 15.  At the discretion of the instructors, students younger that 15 may attend class if they have significant previous martial arts experience and demonstrate the necessary discipline, self-control and maturity.

The HapKiDo group shares a common desire to improve themselves and to  help one another do the same. We invite you to visit our class and see for yourself what HapKiDo is all about.

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